FreakOut, a leading digital marketing technology company from japan, has established PT. FreakOut dewina Indonesia.

FreakOut Inc., a leading digital marketing technology company from japan, has established PT. FreakOut dewina Indonesia, the first infeed native ad network in Indonesia that represented the new innovation, new style of Ad network focusing in smartphone.


FreakOut is one of the largest ad tech companies in Japan, having IPO’d just last year for over 400 million USD, it is one of the quickest growing ad tech companies in the region. Some of its achievements have been to create the first a Demand Side Platform (DSP) in Japan, Data Management Platform as well as looking at more recent technologies such as offline to online technology using beacons and CRM platforms. Equipped with our advanced systems such as machine-learning bidding or optimization algorithms, look-a-like modeling, post-view attribution analysis, and private exchange solution, marketers and agency professionals can achieve better results not only for direct response but branding and full-funnel marketing. After 5 years from foundation, we have 5 bases, the head office in Tokyo, and branch offices in Osaka, Singapore, Bangkok, and Istanbul with more than 130 employees in all. We are the global marketing technology company developing toward Asian market and we still growing and spread out our company and our product “Hike”  into APAC.



“Hike” is new style ad network focusing on smartphone. Nowadays, the point of contact with the information is shifting from desktop into mobile. It might be able to exceed revenue and preserve user experience by using this ad format which has similar format with contents. “Hike” is using a similar frame or layout to match website’s or app layout because user feel annoying against the banner ad formats. Examples of native ads are social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter (with the word “sponsored” on) Native ad is specifically displayed between content and is fitted to the tone and manner of the publishers website or layout. Hereby it perfectly blends into to the content around it. Publisher can improve user experience with seamless and uninterrupted ads.

case in thailand

※ Case in Thailand

Our strength is the following;

1. Focus in Smartphone;  “Hike” is new style ad network specializing in smartphone, Mobile traffic is increasing day   by day, but there is no established methods of mobile monetization.

2. Providing a variety of Ad formats; “Hike” can adjust to any formats easily, customizing shapes and sizes of ads match to the website style. Publishers can improve user experience with using seamless and uninterrupted ads more than using banner types.

3. Easy Implementation; It takes only 5 minutes to implement. By creating a tag from the management screen, publisher can simply embed the tag in place they want to install the ad frame.


Currently smartphone makes a truly remarkable transformation for human life as well as being one of the most important communication tools for almost people around the world, especially those who are highly mobile and they are actively using the smartphone as the virtual socialize, entertain and also become a media to business transaction and promotion marketing. Well, we can almost say that barely you can do anything with smartphone, this is really give the impact and contribution for people. And for this reason also that makes FreakOut think really hard and create an innovation beyond the expectations of people against smartphone technology. After success bring our product in bangkok and istanbul, Now, we are proud to release our product called “Hike” is a new style ad network business ( called “Native Ads Platform” ) focusing on smartphone media in Indonesia. Now, PT. FreakOut dewina Indonesia will start the business by introducing“Hike” to the advertise business in Indonesia.

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Name: PT. FreakOut dewina Indonesia
Location: MidPlaza 1, 17th floor, Jl. Jend. Sudirman kav. 10-11, Jakarta Pusat 10220
Established: August 31, 2015

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