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[text alignment=”left”]Enabling the opt-out option will stop your browser or smartphone app from accumulating browsing information and will suspend the use of such information (including provision to third parties).
The opt-out function needs to be set for each browser, and after opting-out, information on visits to the site by the user will no longer be collected; however, if these settings are disabled due to the deletion of the cookie or terminal changes, the accumulation, use, and provision of information to third parties may recommence in some cases.[/text][spacing][heading level=”3″ include_line=”0″ alignment=”left” heading=”Web browser”][buttons button1_icon=”glyphicon glyphicon-check” button1_label=”Opt-out (disabling targeted advertising)” button1_url=”https://optout.mtburn.com/optout?country=id”][spacing][heading level=”3″ include_line=”0″ alignment=”left” heading=”App”][text]Follow the below procedure to limit IDFA and opt-out:
1. Tap “Settings”
2. Tap “Privacy”
3. Tap “Limit tracking advertising” to enable

Follow the below procedure to limit the Google Advertising ID and opt out:
1. Tap “Google Settings”
2. Tap “Ads”
3. Tap “Opt-out of interest-based ads” to enable

Please see the following link for our Privacy Policy:

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